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New Toyota Corolla for 2020 – do you use a dealer or buy online

Buying a Toyota Corolla – Do You Go Online or Showroom?

Toyota Corolla

As far as buying a new Corolla is concerned, there are typically two main ways to do so. One relates to online sales, often via third party websites that allow vehicle owners to advertise their cars to members of the public. The other is a little more professional and relates to purchasing from a reputable Corolla dealer. The majority of experts will recommend the latter, simply due to the fact that car dealerships are expected to adhere to strict regulations and policies to protect their customers; whilst personal sales aren’t subjected to checks at the same level.

But that still doesn’t answer the question as to whether you should consider buying online or from a showroom. If we consider that you’ve decided to go for a reputable provider, such as a branded business or a well-known vehicle manufacturer such as Toyota, then you’ll still have two options; online, or in store.

Things to Consider When Buying Online

The convenience of internet shopping is undeniable and even when searching for a new car, which can often set a buyer back thousands of dollars, online can still be a pretty appealing place to look. One of the main drawbacks relates to the lack of physical purchasing; especially when it comes to checking a car out in person, taking it for a test drive, or gauging its suitability for a family or for other purposes.

A good ‘hybrid-option’ could be to view the car online and place a reservation on it. Once you’ve done this, you can schedule a viewing at your chosen dealership and then take care of the physical side of things.

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