Daniel Croke

Dan Croke – Trappers Hall of Fame

Dan Croke – the all round man

Minnesota Trappers Association “HOF” Dan Croke has spent a great deal of time and energy over the past several years, creating and building many excellent Minnesota Trapper books and DVDs to assist his fellow trappers in the development of trapping techniques for the beginner or advanced trapper alike. For those of you who are serious about this hobby, you will find that some of these books, particularly the one written by Dan Croke, “How To Trap Beaver and Snare Canines” will help you with your skills.

Dan Croke the Writer

Dan Croke is a highly accomplished writer, editor and author of several books, both on trapping and on other topics. He also teaches as an adjunct instructor at Minnesota Technical and Community College. In addition to teaching, he writes and publishes articles, reviews and articles about trapping in various magazines and journals and in other media. In his book, “How To Trap Beaver and Snare Canines,” Croke provides his expertise and knowledge in this very popular and entertaining method of trapping and catching beavers and other large animals.

Dan Croke the trapper

For the novice trapper, croke provides step by step instructions for the first time and/or experienced trapper on how to trap and properly use traps, lures and other tools used in the field. It is also very helpful information on what equipment you need to catch the animals and the tips on how to successfully use these tools.

Croke has written and published several articles on how to trap and properly use a lure in a variety of sports articles and sports magazines, and he also writes for the Internet on many different subjects, including trapping, the latest in trapping technology and the latest information and trends in trapping. The author provides excellent and clear instructions for his readers. Croke also provides information on which lures and traps work best to attract and capture the different types of large animals in question.

When you read “How To Trap Beaver and Snare Canines,” it is a definite help to someone just learning about trapping or someone who has been trapping for a number of years. Not only will you gain some useful information, but Dan Croke also gives you great tips on how to successfully trap and catch beavers and other large animals while making sure that the animals do not escape and endangering the safety of others or themselves.

Dan Croke and the beaver

As mentioned earlier, “How To Trap Beaver and Snare Canines” by Dan Croke provides some of the latest trapping techniques on how to catch these animals with success. There is also great information on what to look for when trying to catch beavers, and other large animals such as bears. Croke also provides tips on what type of bait is most effective when trapping the animals in question and the correct amount of bait to use and what types of traps work best.