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    Do Wrinkle Relaxers Really Make You Look Younger? Kinesiology Federation

    The Unique Way that Wrinkle Relaxers Function

    Wrinkle relaxers are any type of product that can be injected into the skin with the intention of reducing the appearance of age lines and crows’ feet. Different formulations can be found within varying brands, but in order for a product to be legally used, it must adhere to strict policies which are governed by the FDA.

    These types of products include well known branded names like Botox – a treatment that thousands of adults undergo every year. Although in the past there were horror stories relating to the way in which these types of products were used, these days the treatment is strictly governed and the use of the formulas are subjected to various control measures.


    How do these wrinkle relaxers like Botox work?

    Unlike dermal fillers that act to plump up skin cells in an effort to fill in wrinkles, relaxers are used to reduce the stresses that certain muscles are exposed to. In a way, the muscles that are treated by an injection will usually undergo some form of paralyses; whereby they won’t have as much freedom to move. In a usual scenario it’s the movement of these muscles on a daily basis that can cause the collagen within skin to break down – and as this collagen depletes as people age, the appearance of wrinkles can begin to manifest.

    skin and wrinkle relaxersRelaxers work by targeting the cells within these muscles in a way that simply restricts their movement. As they begin to loosen, the tension that is typically placed on the dermal layers will soften, allowing any wrinkles present to reduce in appearance and reveal a smooth, clean complexion.


    How often can anti wrinkle injections be used?

    Depending on the brand, as well as the chemical composition, relaxers can be used as often as once every three months. This can vary however, with some being suitable for use on a monthly basis and others requiring at least six months to pass before exposing the dermal layers to the chemicals again.

    What can Botox be used to treat?

    Outside of reducing the signs of wrinkles, these types of relaxant products can be used for a variety of other ailments and skin-related conditions. These include the treatment of chin dimples, to help with facial slimming and when hyperhidrosis is present (excessive sweating). The effect of the formula can last for up to 6 months, but when treating excessive sweating in particular, the collagen in control of the dermal layers can break down more rapidly, so it’s not uncommon for more frequent injections to be required.

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    Shopping List

    • Eyelid Surgery $4000 lower (both eyes) $6000 for upper and lower (both eyes)
    • Liposuction  Costs start at $3500.
    • Botox & Fillers From as little as $100!!!

    Watch the split-face trial of two anti-wrinkle injections video and see for yourself


    Trends in CosMed in 2022

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    An Australian holiday starts with picking your destination

    With its magnificent coastal rainforests and mountainous ranges, the spectacular country of New South Wales is an ideal holiday destination for any discerning traveller. This beautiful state is often referred to as “The Blue Mountain” owing to its impressive mountain peaks, extensive national parks and reserves, and magnificent coastal regions. The sheer beauty of this country has made it one of the most photographed and watched tourist destinations around the world. Its amazing natural beauty has inspired many writers, artists and musicians, including National Geographic Traveler and National Geographic Adventurer magazine.

    When planning Australian holidays in NSW, you can enjoy all the natural wonders and adventures of this majestic state in either a campervan or RV, or on a luxurious holiday rental home or serviced apartment. One of the best ways to experience the real charm of this incredible state is to take a holiday at one of the many holiday rental homes and serviced apartments dotting the Hunter Valley and Central Coast. These holiday homes and serviced apartments offer breathtaking views of the harbour, mountains, water sports, historic towns, and wonderful beaches. Many holiday makers choose to rent holiday homes and hire serviced apartments, or even a luxury villa in the beautiful Byron Bay Shire, to truly enjoy the true Australian outback.

    An Australian holiday starts with picking your destination. Once you have chosen your Australian holiday destination, you can search the Internet to find a variety of accommodation options, from backpackers accommodation to luxurious holiday rental homes, inns and off-resorts. Most accommodation choices are near spectacular natural beauty, making it easy to see a variety of Australia’s remarkable natural sights. You can also search for a holiday rental home or holiday cottage in the heart of Australia’s Natural Wonderland, which is scattered across the Hunter Valley and Central Coast. When you arrive at your chosen Australian destination, you will be greeted by friendly, informative Australian staff who will help make your stay enjoyable, informative, and exciting.

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    Collectables by Daniel Croke

    There is no easy answer to determining how much your antiques and old collectibles are really worth, says Daniel Croke – antiques valuer. Valuing an old antique often requires patience and study, and when all is said and done you can not rely on selling a vintage item at the determined price if all of the factors are simply not there. So before you begin collecting antiques, it is important to take the time to determine the true value of your collection. Antiques should be evaluated by multiple experts, collectors, and dealers in order to arrive at an accurate value.

    One of the best ways to find out the value of your collection is to use an eBay affiliate’s Marketplace, like an eBay marketplace or ebay pro, and utilize their services to help you with determining the proper value of your collections. Using the services of these types of websites will give you an accurate idea of what your antiques are really worth, as well as give you information on similar items, how they were manufactured, and what years are typically associated with their high market value. Using eBay’s marketplace can provide you with a wide range of different options to help you get started in your eBay business; these include a variety of price guides, antique search tools, eBay feedback, as well as an antiques navigator. Using an eBay can also be helpful if you are looking to begin collecting your own collection of antiques.

    According to Daniel Croke, if you are planning on using an eBay to sell your antiques on, it is important that you realize that eBay has a number of restrictions associated with selling antiques on the site. Some of these include having to provide a photograph of your item in its entirety as well as providing certain proof that the item in question is actually antique before you are allowed to list it on ebay. For more valuable and rare items, it is suggested that you use the services of a reputable company who specializes in antiquing to ensure that you are getting realistic antique values.

    Follow Daniel Croke at dancroke.id.au

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    Dan Croke – Trappers Hall of Fame

    Dan Croke – the all round man

    Minnesota Trappers Association “HOF” Dan Croke has spent a great deal of time and energy over the past several years, creating and building many excellent Minnesota Trapper books and DVDs to assist his fellow trappers in the development of trapping techniques for the beginner or advanced trapper alike. For those of you who are serious about this hobby, you will find that some of these books, particularly the one written by Dan Croke, “How To Trap Beaver and Snare Canines” will help you with your skills.

    Dan Croke the Writer

    Dan Croke is a highly accomplished writer, editor and author of several books, both on trapping and on other topics. He also teaches as an adjunct instructor at Minnesota Technical and Community College. In addition to teaching, he writes and publishes articles, reviews and articles about trapping in various magazines and journals and in other media. In his book, “How To Trap Beaver and Snare Canines,” Croke provides his expertise and knowledge in this very popular and entertaining method of trapping and catching beavers and other large animals.

    Dan Croke the trapper

    For the novice trapper, croke provides step by step instructions for the first time and/or experienced trapper on how to trap and properly use traps, lures and other tools used in the field. It is also very helpful information on what equipment you need to catch the animals and the tips on how to successfully use these tools.

    Croke has written and published several articles on how to trap and properly use a lure in a variety of sports articles and sports magazines, and he also writes for the Internet on many different subjects, including trapping, the latest in trapping technology and the latest information and trends in trapping. The author provides excellent and clear instructions for his readers. Croke also provides information on which lures and traps work best to attract and capture the different types of large animals in question.

    When you read “How To Trap Beaver and Snare Canines,” it is a definite help to someone just learning about trapping or someone who has been trapping for a number of years. Not only will you gain some useful information, but Dan Croke also gives you great tips on how to successfully trap and catch beavers and other large animals while making sure that the animals do not escape and endangering the safety of others or themselves.

    Dan Croke and the beaver

    As mentioned earlier, “How To Trap Beaver and Snare Canines” by Dan Croke provides some of the latest trapping techniques on how to catch these animals with success. There is also great information on what to look for when trying to catch beavers, and other large animals such as bears. Croke also provides tips on what type of bait is most effective when trapping the animals in question and the correct amount of bait to use and what types of traps work best.

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    New Toyota Corolla for 2020 – do you use a dealer or buy online

    Buying a Toyota Corolla – Do You Go Online or Showroom?

    Toyota Corolla

    As far as buying a new Corolla is concerned, there are typically two main ways to do so. One relates to online sales, often via third party websites that allow vehicle owners to advertise their cars to members of the public. The other is a little more professional and relates to purchasing from a reputable Corolla dealer. The majority of experts will recommend the latter, simply due to the fact that car dealerships are expected to adhere to strict regulations and policies to protect their customers; whilst personal sales aren’t subjected to checks at the same level.

    But that still doesn’t answer the question as to whether you should consider buying online or from a showroom. If we consider that you’ve decided to go for a reputable provider, such as a branded business or a well-known vehicle manufacturer such as Toyota, then you’ll still have two options; online, or in store.

    Things to Consider When Buying Online

    The convenience of internet shopping is undeniable and even when searching for a new car, which can often set a buyer back thousands of dollars, online can still be a pretty appealing place to look. One of the main drawbacks relates to the lack of physical purchasing; especially when it comes to checking a car out in person, taking it for a test drive, or gauging its suitability for a family or for other purposes.

    A good ‘hybrid-option’ could be to view the car online and place a reservation on it. Once you’ve done this, you can schedule a viewing at your chosen dealership and then take care of the physical side of things.

    The Biggest Selling car in the World – EVER – The Toyota Corolla

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    The Health Issues That Can Come With Alcohol Abuse

    Alcohol Abuse Can Seriously Damage Your Health: Find Out How

    Although many people may not know it, there are a number of problems that can come with abusing alcohol. From fatal physical health issues to mental health problems that can make a person forget their loved ones, there are serious repercussions that can come with drinking alcohol.

    If you want to know about these types of issues, this article has the information you need to understand just how deadly this substance can be.

    Alcoholism & Cancer

    We all know that cancer is terrible condition that’s capable of ending lives and unfortunately, heavy and long term alcohol abuse can cause cancer in a number of places.

    Although a cancer diagnosis may not always prove to be fatal, it still has a huge impact on the lives of the person with the condition and their loved ones. Facing this illness and its treatment could be avoided by not abusing alcohol. More: https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/risk/alcohol/alcohol-fact-sheet

    Depression Caused By Alcohol Addiction

    This is another well known health condition, but unlike cancer, it doesn’t have the potential to kill. However, depression is a mental health issue that can damage a life incredibly. Sometimes, depression can be so strong that a person with it commits suicide – and this means that depression can be life-threatening in a different way. Read the report Is There a Genetic Relationship
    Between Alcoholism and Depression?  for more information on this disturbing subject.

    Alcohol & Dementia  

    Dementia is another mental health problem, but it can affect abusers in a completely differently to depression as it works on the nervous system (see: Working with alcoholism rehabilitation at Transformations )

    People with this illness will begin to lose their memory – and it only gets worse. Dementia is usually linked to old age, generally as it happens when the brain shrinks. This is a natural process that occurs as we get old. But drinking can make the brain shrink earlier than it should and also increased the rate at which it shrinks, too.

    Sometimes, people with dementia won’t even recognise their own family and this can be terrible for both the alcoholic and their loved ones to have to face.

    How can rehabilitation centres help alcoholics?

    Alcohol is addictive, which means it can bring people back for more. And the more they drink, the harder it is for them to stop.

    Not only that, but drinking more can lead to the health issues that can come with alcohol abuse. So, what can an alcoholic do to get help for their addiction?

    Luckily, there are ways for people suffering with alcoholism to get help. Alcohol rehab centres were specifically created to help people with addictions – and their expert treatment and care can make a difference in the lives of many alcoholics.


    A Short Documentary Video on How Alcohol Affects Your Health