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Do Wrinkle Relaxers Really Make You Look Younger? Kinesiology Federation

The Unique Way that Wrinkle Relaxers Function

Wrinkle relaxers are any type of product that can be injected into the skin with the intention of reducing the appearance of age lines and crows’ feet. Different formulations can be found within varying brands, but in order for a product to be legally used, it must adhere to strict policies which are governed by the FDA.

These types of products include well known branded names like Botox – a treatment that thousands of adults undergo every year. Although in the past there were horror stories relating to the way in which these types of products were used, these days the treatment is strictly governed and the use of the formulas are subjected to various control measures.


How do these wrinkle relaxers like Botox work?

Unlike dermal fillers that act to plump up skin cells in an effort to fill in wrinkles, relaxers are used to reduce the stresses that certain muscles are exposed to. In a way, the muscles that are treated by an injection will usually undergo some form of paralyses; whereby they won’t have as much freedom to move. In a usual scenario it’s the movement of these muscles on a daily basis that can cause the collagen within skin to break down – and as this collagen depletes as people age, the appearance of wrinkles can begin to manifest.

skin and wrinkle relaxersRelaxers work by targeting the cells within these muscles in a way that simply restricts their movement. As they begin to loosen, the tension that is typically placed on the dermal layers will soften, allowing any wrinkles present to reduce in appearance and reveal a smooth, clean complexion.


How often can anti wrinkle injections be used?

Depending on the brand, as well as the chemical composition, relaxers can be used as often as once every three months. This can vary however, with some being suitable for use on a monthly basis and others requiring at least six months to pass before exposing the dermal layers to the chemicals again.

What can Botox be used to treat?

Outside of reducing the signs of wrinkles, these types of relaxant products can be used for a variety of other ailments and skin-related conditions. These include the treatment of chin dimples, to help with facial slimming and when hyperhidrosis is present (excessive sweating). The effect of the formula can last for up to 6 months, but when treating excessive sweating in particular, the collagen in control of the dermal layers can break down more rapidly, so it’s not uncommon for more frequent injections to be required.

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